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T.T.B.B.A. Breed Standards

Below is the offical breed standards for the Treeing Tennessee Brindle dog, which was established at the first Annual Meeting of the T.T.B.B.A.

  1. COLOR — Brindle or Black and Brindle trim (small amount of white on breast or feet not objectionable).

  2. HEAD — Dome flat, wide between eyes, heavy muzzle, short or medium ears set high, eyes dark, prominent, expressive.

  3. BODY — Deep broad chest, back straight and strong, tail medium length, coat smooth.

  4. LEGS — Straight, muscular, well set for speed, dew claws permitted.

  5. FEET — Cat paw type, strong and well arched.

  6. HEIGHT — Males at shoulder--18 to 24 inches. Females at shoulder--16 to 22 inches.

  7. WEIGHT — In proportion to height.

  8. VOICE — Open trailers with change over at tree. Coarse chop preferred.

  9. CHARACTERISTICS — Strong treeing instinct, desire to hunt, good scenting power, fast hunters, intelligence, alterness, and companionship